How to Unlock Micromax Phone after too many Failed Pattern Attempts

Normally we all Android users for the sake of our own privacy set up a lock on the Home screen so that any other person can’t bypass it to check our personal stuff. Pattern lock is the popular one and most of the users use this. We all come across a common problem forgetting or losing what pattern lock we had. Sometimes we are just stuck on lock screen. Then we need to unlock by putting our email address in , but sometimes you might forget your email or stuff. Today we will let you the way through which you can unlock your Micromax Android mobile after wrong pattern attempt.
Micromax Phone Locked After too any Failure Pattern Attempt
In these cases you simply cannot unlock your device , today we are going to show you how to work on your device and unlock your device with/without losing data or any setting.

How to Unlock Micromax Phone Using Hard Reset

Using stock recovery and wipe data. This method will result In a full factory reset of your phone . How to do this?
  1. Switch off, Pull battery.
  2. Insert battery and Press and Hold Power+Volume up+Volume down together  (different phones might have a little different method of booting into recovery mode, but this is the most general one).
  3. You will then boot into recovery mode , use volume keys to navigate up and down and power key to choose.
  4. Choose Wipe DATA
  5. Choose wipe cache.
  6. Reboot device.
You are done and your lockscreen is gone and phone has been hard reset. Please not this leads to permanent removal of data.

Unlock Micromax Android Phone using Android Debug Bridge

In this we will use ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to unlock the device without losing any data.
  1. First we need to set up ADB on device , you generally need these files (LINK of adbzip) or you can Google on how to install ADB in windows.
  2. Just make a folder adb in c/root and copy the files.
  3. Install drivers of your phone (Use PDAnet if you have problem with finding drivers).
  4. Turn on USB debugging on phone. Follow : Setting–>Development–>USB Debugging (Turn On)
  5. Open Command prompt in computer , and type cd C:/Android (Android here is the folder where my adb files are , change according to yours)
  6. Then you can try following sets of command
Command set 1
method 1:
adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
Command set II
method 2:
adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

You have to try one method , and see which one is working.
This requires root in some devices and some it just works without can try both of them, here is how i managed to remove the lock:
1. Run the first method.
2 Reboot
3 Run the second method
4 Reboot

  • In the first method each line is a separate command so click enter after typing each line.
  • In the second method type all the command and then press enter.
  • After running both methods and rebooting you may see the pattern lock,that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work, just try any random pattern and it may unlock then remove the pattern from settings.
  • This may and may not work, it may work on some devices and don’t on others, so all you can do is trying it but i can’t assure it will work.
Source for second method : XDA
If you have any doubt you can drop a comment below.

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