How to calibrate the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge battery?

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the Plug and it to 100% (use the original charger if possible).
  2. Once this is done disconnect the phone and dial the dialer code * # 0228 #
    You will automatically enter a secret option called battery status that allows you to see some technical data about your battery. Note that the% load (Level) matches that of the notification bar.
  3. Once this is done, press the Quick Start button and accept the warning.
  4. The calibration process will begin for a few seconds. The display will turn off (wait 5 seconds) and take you to the lock screen.
  5. Once this is done, turn the screen on again and check if the Level of the battery has dropped (in some cases it drops to 80% or more).
  6. Reload the phone until it reaches 100% and repeat the previous step until the result is 100%.

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