flash stock firmware 6.0.1 on HTC Desire 820n1-simQualcomm Snapdragon Europe

1.Download the firmware 0PFJIMG.zip https://yadi.sk/d/lWwMzPdNuHc3X 2.If installed TWRP-recovery you need to install the stock-recovery https://yadi.sk/d/v5Yp8iAtuHdQE (On your computer open the folder to download the program (flash- stock recovery 6.0.1) click the mouse on the flash icon -recovery (Figure 2 wheel) to select the letter f in the menu,starts flashing stock recovery 6.0.1) 3.block the program(WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit v2.6) https://yadi.sk/d/RqmYmwrdriTaX 4.Do not unpack archive, rename the downloaded firmware in 0PFJIMG.zip , put 0PFJIMG.zip on a removable memory card 5.Go into bootloader mode (Bootloader),HBOOT begin checking 0PFJIMG.zip firmware and prompts you to install, click the Volume +, you need to wait for 25-30 minutes, the phone while firmware is not touched!!


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