Samsung FRP Tool For FRP Lock Removal 2018 S9, S8, S8 plus , Note 8

In order to protect the users’ data, Samsung & Google had introduced Factory Reset Protectionin Android Lollipop and above versions. Once the phone is factory restored from Recovery or Hard Reset Combination, user is forced to enter the previously used Google account on the device, in order to ensure that the device is in safe hands or to whom it originally belongs.
If you have hard reset your device from Settings, FRP lock might not be enforced. If your Samsung Galaxy 2018 S9, S8, S8 plus , Note 8 are locked with FRP. Here is the universal method to unlock FRP lock and credit for this method goes to RootJunky.In this tutorial we will share the steps and the video guide in order to remove FRP lock from your latest Samsung Smartphone. The error you will actually face is: “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a google account previously synced.”

Here are the steps to remove factory reset protection / Google previously synced account lock from your Samsung device.Unlock FRP on Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / S6 / Galaxy S8 Plus / Note 8 Steps

Samsung Download FRP Bypass Unlock Tool 2018

Download From Link 2
  1. You have to Download and install RealTerm program included in above package
  2. Now Download and copy frpbypass-1.0.apk to the device micro sd card or download once into the device
  3. Start phone and connect to WIFI also plug into the computer with your usb cable
  4. Start RealTerm on your pc and under display check the box HALF DUPLEX
  5. Right click on my computer and select manage once it opens click device manager then modems
  6. Under modems you should see a Samsung deviceright click it then select properties
  7. Once the properties window opens select modem tab and see what port it is on like com5 for an example
  8. Now that you know the com port number close all device manager windows and open RealTerm again
  9. Under the ports tab in RealTerm enter your port number then click change.
  10. Next click the send tab. you will need to send following two commands with the Send ASCII button
  11. First –> at+creg?\r\n
  12. Then –> atd1234;\r\n
  13. Look at your phone and the dialer will pop up.

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