Lg Nexus 5X h791 Bootloop Fix by hardware Finally

Lg Nexus 5X h791 Bootloop Fix

OK guys. here is my rant. I owned 16 gb nexus 5x h791. I bought it without warranty. Was using stock rom with elementalx nexus kernel (Hey, it is awesome. You must try it). Felt adventurous. Overclocked the cpu and change minimum gpu speed to 300 MHz. Bought my first app (nova launcher premium) from play store. Installed another app and bam.. N5X froze. Used volume up and power to restart it. To my dismay, I was stuck on google logo. F*** You LG. Flashed factory images with no luck. Phone will not go past google logo. Flashed7.1.1 and 6.0.0. factory images. TWRP will not stick too. Tried two days with no luck. Screw you LG. Went to market. Shopkeepers didnt have any idea. One said that I will reflow solder it. Agreed for 10 $. He reflowed but software was also corrupt. Didnt get past google. Thought I wasted my money. Went home despaired. When I reached home, i saw that a blank screen is on. Some times recovery screen flicks. Fashed latest factory images and it booted. No I am scared to even restart it. Dont know how much time it will work. But one thing is sure. LG messed the soldier. So anyone who is out of warranty should try it. It may work.

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